Tuesday: Research Park (Rosa Rd) http://universityresearchpark.org/food-carts/

Wednesday: Library Mall

Thursday: Library Mall

Friday: Library Mall

Saturday: Dane County Farmer's Market (Capitol Square in front of Walgreens)


Located in Madison (WI), Masarap food cart brings authentic and fusion Filipino food to Wisconsin's capital city. 


As a couple of "foodies" ourselves, we wanted to create dishes that reflect our love and respect for traditional Filipino cooking and cuisine as well as our love of modern fusion, experimental, and street-style cooking. So while the "soul" of our food is Filipino, we're having a lot of fun putting our own creative spin on traditional dishes and ingredients and bringing the delicious results to our customers. 

- Bryan and Mel, Masarap LLC



For questions about catering or general inquiries, please fill out the form here with as many details as possible. We will respond at the earliest convenience. Thanks!

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